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This is considered as one of the most exciting safaris in Africa, Conventional true African savanna National Parks. Tourism attractions of Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, and Kidepo Valley National Parks, experience untouched world of perfect hushed silences and raw wildlife moments in Uganda. With this incredible rich habitat you can start the day the way nature intended at the crackdown to see the big five mammals as a special amazing wildlife experiences and coming close this to nature is a vivid reminder of why we have always been inspired by, the untouched wild, with inviting Uganda’s’ sun shining on your face the more time you spend in the land walked in by both predator and prey for centuries before a tangible metamorphosis begins to take place. Here where the modern trappings of life bear no significance, you start to realize that true wealth comes not from what you know , you have, but more from what you are willing to discover.


Uganda is surrounded by rich ethnic groups and is regarded as a cultural meeting point with a diverse languages and people who have different and unique cultural, divergent practices, beliefs, and food. At its best community tourism is a win-win story you get to do and see something you would not have known about, meet the locals, experience real local life and you need to travel like a local and share any new knowledge and experience. Take the journey of discovery from the roots of all humanity, of a human story that inspired the world, and see where the breathtaking nature stretches out in every direction soon you will realize that, this world moves at its own speed and to witness this, be part of it is something you won’t forget. Rich cultural music, dance and drama engages all your senses in an invitation to a simpler society an ideal for the tourists who embrace responsible tourism having a desire to make an impact on the local community


This is a captivation and unforgettable experience of the charming and engaging mountain Gorillas in the impenetrable forest characterized by tangled vegetation, dropped over a deeply fissured landscape of steep slippery valleys and high draughty ridges. Gorilla tracking is the major tradition in East Africa, with over 400 mountain Gorillas in Uganda, roughly half of the world’s population including several habituated groups which can be tracked in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks respectively. Weather in these protected areas is ever chilly offering a unique ambiance and serenity for the visitor seeking to meet and interact with their closest cousins in one of the most ancient rain-forests for the best memorable tracking experience.


The variety of tropical rain forests in Uganda, boasts of the highest diversity and density of Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Budongo Forest, and Kalinzu Forest give you the most memorable visitor experience encounter during the walk in one of the tropical forests. When you meet the Chimpanzees the man’s closest relatives they share about 97.8% of human genes and families are always found in tee branches where they feed from. Uganda is regarded as the Primate Capital of the world.


Uganda is a perfect place to unwind, enjoy the white sandy beaches around horseback ride, enjoy mount climbing, white water rafting in Jinja, kayak the Nile. Uganda is a country with the best out door and sports activities and this is what adventure tourism offer. Whatever your pleasure is, Uganda is the playground that will make you feel alive and free ranging from hot air to ballooning, tree top zip lining, or sailing at the source of the Nile. Mountain Climbing, at the top of the mystical challenge of the Rwenzoris, you can always get your pulse racing amongst some of the nature breathtaking beauty, free the fear away child within come play.


Uganda is a home to over 1082 bird species making it a preferred destination for birders and the richest African birding destination; with Bwindi impenetrable National Park voted Africa’s number one birding spot is a home to 23 0f the 26 Albertine Rift Valley endemic birds found in Uganda. The vegetation found in the central and east Africa, make the country special. The habitat for the birds are also numerous ranging from Wetlands, Lakes, rivers, rocky ridges, Afro-Pine Moorland, Savanna, Papyrus Swamps and agricultural land, woodlands blessed with the most delightful climate in the world. The highlights for birding include; birds such as; shoebill, Rwenzori Turaccoo, Neumann’s Warbler, Green breasted Pitta, African Green Breasted Bill, Regal Sun Bird, Puvell’s Illadopsis, Narina Trogon, Rwenzori Night Jar, Pel’s Fishing Owl, African Finfoot and many others. Two of the other RAMSAR SITES are found in Uganda which make it a dream come true birding experience.