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We book elegant and unique lodges, hotels and camps. The lodges, camps and hotel we use, pride themselves on the excellence of their personalized service and friendliness of their staff. Everything has also been made to provide the best seller possible within the restrictions of logistic and we offer and book discounted accommodation in order to ensure that both private and group safaris may obtain the budget to suit them, we also offer options of different grades of accommodation alternatives. Maraka Tours & Safaris offers prices that are much less than expensive competitors, because there are no middlemen involved in the Tours, the same sights, destinations, and accommodations are available at a fraction of the cost of many other tours, with collection of full charge in booking for you the accommodation in the collections of safari lodges, camps, hotels and resorts spans some of evocative, exotic and enchanting destinations in the world, wholeheartedly committed to the nature of our planet, we also guarantee that each of our chosen accommodation to book has been designed both to complement its environment , ranging from traditional safari lodges to camps, and from cosmopolitan city hotels to stylish leisure resorts and spa, the breadth of the products range is rarely matched, unique in its flexibility, its diversity with interactive menus of leisure options, all of which can be adapted so as to exactly match the profile of our clients.


When it comes to your personal journey/travel we pride ourselves in providing excellent quality services, we invite you to come and experience the beauty of Incredible East Africa as a destination in one of our unique, comfortable safari vehicles, we offer wide range of two and four wheel drive vehicles, depending on the road conditions and number of clients or even choose the vehicle of your own choice, our land cruisers have standard conversion that includes; 7 high density form seat with safety belts and arm rests, double tire rack, side stepping board, roof carrier, sliding windows, floor carpets, fridge, pop-up roof, inbuilt tool box, sliding seats, in response to our reliable services our fabricated and conversions of vehicles are specially designed to be light in weight and robust to withstand all kinds of rough terrains in Africa and we are step ahead of the rest because we are passionate about travel and preferred for the optimum safety standards.


This is the true tranquility in a tropical love setting offering guests the Ultimate in holiday well-being most relaxing and engaging, Tourist can enjoy Uganda’s signature beauty offering innovative treatment in a tropical environment complete with a fully pure luxury. Tourist will experience sheer indulgence where every detail is considered to ensure your stay is exciting, relaxing and above all unforgettable, here where the modern trappings of life bare no significance, you will start to realize that true wealth comes from not what you know you have, but more from what you are willing to discover the result is always majestic, see the circle of life turn with it, you have wild wonderland sprawled around you in every direction, gifting you with unspoiled nature to explore with your Lover besides you is always enthralling balance that we could only ever dream of living by, then truly envelops you through the broad embrace felt through the warmth of its people who are ready waiting and willing to take you on your journey and discover more. Tune into the rhythm of our scenic beauty let the sense of being somewhere special free your imagination and lift your soul. It’s the call of the wild, an invitation to a simpler world filled with excitement and awe.


Similarly, if you have a particular activity that you are interest in as an individual or group, like arts & crafts, photography and wildlife filming we can design the perfect holiday to help you pursue your interest. We can also advise on the issues like bringing equipment we offer discounts to groups of ten or more people we can design an itinerary for you depending on your interests, the location and the time available.


We work with our local communities to help ensure that they benefit from tourism. This may be by training people to work in Tourism or start Tourism related business or it can be by placing volunteers in community based organizations, if they can be useful contributions. This is often a life changing experience for both parties and therefore we offer you an opportunity to have an amazing and the best room for you to learn highlights of your course or area of your interest we together with Murchison Falls Community Eco-Tourism and Conservation Association (METCCAS).


Maraka Tours & Safaris work together with number of Universities and high schools to provide specialist university field courses in variety of disciplines, including geography, development studies, Forestry, Agriculture, Hospitality, wildlife, Natural resources, Environmental, International Tourism and many more. In addition we offer research support services to visiting research Teams providing logistics, local staff, event management, contacts, equipment handling, financial services. Uganda is a perfect destination for school trips which seek to raise cross-cultural awareness amongst students, develop their personal skills such as confidence and team work and perhaps encourage a spirit of community support.